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High-Quality Organic Spelt Pizza

Spelt is an ancient grain known for its numerous health benefits and its nutty flavour, which adds to the unique taste, making it the perfect base for our signature sourdough spelt pizza. It is a wholefood that is high in vitamin B, manganese, and magnesium, yet it is also a good source of iron, potassium, and vitamin E.

Farro Hawthorn Italian restaurant only uses 100% organic Spelt flour for our sourdough bread & pizzas, and pasta. We ferment our dough for 72 hours to improve its taste and texture and it also facilitates healthy digestion. And to top it all off, we only use fresh vegetables and high-quality ingredients in the food we serve.

Our Story

Farro was born out of our passion for healthy and nutritious food. It’s not just about eating healthy, it is about raising your conscious awareness through the food you eat. To do this, we have to work our way back and look at the lifestyle and eating habits of old civilisations.

According to legend, the ancient Roman army would eat spelt to provide them with slow-burning energy during their battles. Because of this, we made this ancient grain the key ingredient in our dough. With our commitment to helping people make healthier food choices, we only use 100% organic spelt.


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 At Farro, healthy eating is something that is close to our hearts. However, we realised early on that we have to tweak our approach to contemporary and traditional Italian cuisine. Hence, our pizzerias offer a modern twist to Italian food while ensuring that customers enjoy a healthy meal without sacrificing the taste.

And to make each customer’s dining experience a memorable and joyful one, we offer vegan and non-vegan menus. We are also accepting function room bookings so you can celebrate functions and events with us. Our communities have embraced our pizzerias and we’d love to be part of making your special occasions unforgettable.

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Your new local Italian restaurant

Craving delicious, handmade pizza? Our Hawthorn Italian restaurant is more than ready and happy to take your orders. We offer our signature range of 100% organic spelt pizza made with 72-hour fermented spelt.

Want something else to complement that? Start with our appetisers! Dive into a delicious Herb Focaccia or Polenta Chips, or treat yourself to an Antipasto Board. For our handcrafted organic spelt pasta, you can try the Gnocchi Mushroom Ragu, Gnocchi Pistachio Pesto, Tagliatelle Lamb Ragu, Spaghetti Gamberi, Spaghetti Poplette, or the Rigatoni Alla Norcina. Complete your meal with our delicious desserts: the Nutella Calzone, Tiramisu, or Cheesecake.

Farro is the perfect Italian restaurant for a quick snack, a hearty lunch, or healthy dinner. Sip wine or have a social drink with your friends or colleagues. Enjoy a shared meal or dessert with your loved one at our tables.

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If you’re looking for authentic and organic spelt pizza, Farro’s Hawthorn Italian restaurant is your go-to. Our hearty and healthy meals will satisfy your cravings, and perhaps, make room for more. For the best organic spelt pizza, book a table at Farro today. You can give us a call or click the button below.

Went to Farro Windsor for the first time for dinner and was blown away! The service was faultless. When we walked in and were taken to our table, every waiter and bar staff stopped to welcome us in and greet us. Our table waiter was very professional and lovely. The food was delicious! Both pizza and pasta were 10/10 in taste and we didn’t have that bloated and fullness feeling after for the first time ever! Would recommend. Cant wait to go back!
Fiona Livisianos


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