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Pizzeria Fitzroy, Windsor, Thornbury | Organic Spelt Pizza - Vegan Options

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

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Make a conscious choice

We are using high-quality organic spelt flour for all our pizza and pasta!
Spelt pizza, bread and pasta has a delicious flavour, but most importantly, spelt has many health benefits.
Try our healthy pizza and pasta today, as well as our range of gluten free dishes and vegan pizza.

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100% organic spelt flour

With Farro we aim to offer an alternative way to enjoy modern & authentic Italian cuisine that is balanced with the power of the organic ancient grain Spelt, and consciously selected ingredients.

High quality ingredients

Our dishes are so tasty, and you know why? Because we consciously select fresh & high quality ingredients for your body but also for your palette!

72-Hours fermented dough

Our dough has been looked after, cared for 3 days & proved twice already before being masterfully cooked and finding its way to your plate. It helps the dough to mature, develop, become lighter and easier to digest.

Our Special

This hearty slow-cooked free range lamb shoulder makes a wonderful and rustic lamb pizza.

Slowly braising the lamb shoulder with organic tomatoes and red wine ensures that the meat's full, immense flavour is drawn out.

This August special is very flavoursome and perfect with a glass of Chianti!


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Organic Spelt Lamb Pizza

Available in September


126 Chapel St
Tuesday – Sunday


608 High St
Wednesday – Monday


301 Brunswick St
Tuesday – Sunday

Our Story

Looking back to past civilisations and past eating habits gives us insight into a more harmonious and healthy way of life from a nutritional point of view.

At Farro we want to offer the benefits of spelt as an ancient grain in a modern day setting, and we believe in a natural, GMO free, and organic diet, which is why we only use 100% organic spelt flour for all our spelt pizza, bread and pasta.