BAD NEWS: We are back in ... Actually you already know! And it's probably no surprise!

GOOD NEWS: The Farro Family has created a "lockdown special" for you, so you can enjoy our organic spelt pizza at home, whilst we wait for Melbourne restaurants to reopen again!

Any 2 PIZZAS for $40 only!

This Take away offer is available for Pickup & Delivery in Farro


Stay safe! We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

Pizzeria Fitzroy, Windsor, Thornbury | Organic Spelt Pizza - Vegan Options

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Organic Spelt Pizzeria

Make a conscious choice

We are using high-quality organic spelt flour for all our pizza and pasta!
Spelt pizza, bread and pasta has a delicious flavour, but most importantly, spelt has many health benefits.
Try our healthy pizza and pasta today. Book a table or order delivery online. 


100% organic spelt flour

With Farro we aim to offer an alternative way to enjoy modern & authentic Italian cuisine that is balanced with the power of the organic ancient grain Spelt, and consciously selected ingredients.  

High quality ingredients

It’s our hope that when you choose Farro you raise your conscious awareness through what you eat.  

72-Hours fermented dough

We have made the conscious choice to combine the pleasure of eating delicious food with the benefits felt when consuming a nourishing diet.

Our Specials

Who ever said that Buratta were just a summer thing?

Ok, maybe we did!!

But we were wrong!

A delicious fresh Buratta with some pistachio pesto and organic spelt bread doesn’t conform to seasons!

burrata special best pizza melbourne

Burrata e salsa al pistacchio

Available in July


126 Chapel St
Tuesday – Sunday


301 Brunswick St
Tuesday – Sunday


608 High St
Wednesday – Monday

Our Story

Looking back to past civilisations and past eating habits gives us insight into a more harmonious and healthy way of life from a nutritional point of view. At Farro we want to offer the benefits of spelt as an ancient grain in a modern day setting, and we believe in a natural, GMO free, and organic diet, which is why we only use 100% organic spelt flour for all our spelt pizza, bread and pasta.