Vegan Italian Restaurant

Got a craving for delicious and healthy Italian style food? Our vegan menu is designed specifically for those looking to cut out the meat without losing the flavour! Discover incredible vegan food, as well as our signature vegan spelt pizza at Farro vegan Italian Restaurant in Melbourne.

100% organic spelt flour

With Farro we aim to offer an alternative way to enjoy modern & authentic Italian cuisine that is balanced with the power of the organic ancient grain Spelt, and consciously selected ingredients.

High quality ingredients

It’s our hope that when you choose Farro you raise your conscious awareness through what you eat.  

72-Hours fermented dough

We have made the conscious choice to combine the pleasure of eating delicious food with the benefits felt when consuming a nourishing diet.

Eat Vegan At Farro

With our restaurants, we strive to bring balance to our lives by making healthier  food choices that firstly taste good, but also, and most importantly, feel good in our bodies and minds.  

While we are not a 100% plant-based establishment, we strive to keep growing our vegan community to ultimately reduce our meat consumption and carbon footprint at the same time.

The chefs at Farro are creating more vegan options and promotions than ever before to encourage our community to make the switch more and more often. Stop by regularly and discover new dishes!

Our June' Special

It’s already time to welcome our new special of the month!
"Patate E Pistacchio".

No doubt you will love this one too!!
A very origianal organic spelt pizza made with mozzarella , nduja, roasted potatoes & house-made pistachio paste!

Give it a try… you won’t regret it!


Patate E Pistacchio

Available in June


126 Chapel St
Tuesday – Sunday


608 High St
Wednesday – Monday


301 Brunswick St
Tuesday – Sunday

Our Story

When Farro was started, we made a conscious decision to look not just forward, but back as well. We draw a lot of our philosophy from the way the ancient Romans used to eat. Natural, organic, GMO-free. And full of high fibre grains like spelt. It was a more harmonious and healthy way of living, and something we try to cook into each and every one of our dishes.

The heart and soul of Farro has always been our signature 72-hour fermented spelt dough. Spelt is high in fibre and low in gluten, meaning it provides long-lasting, slow-burning energy and has a number of health benefits. We use 100% organic Spelt flour for all our vegan spelt pizza, bread and pasta.

vegan pizza melbourne

Functions at Farro

If you’re looking for a venue for your party, event or work function, Farro Italian Restaurant Melbourne offers space for up to 60 people. Our set menus come with several appetisers and your choice of pizza, with vegan and gluten-free options available. For more information on our functions, click here.