Quick, Light, and Delicious!

Our organic spelt pizzette are the perfect lunch meal!

But what is a Pizzette?
Well, a pizzette is a smaller & lighter pizza!
It is the perfect size for you to enjoy, without you being too full. 


portafoglio / pizzette

twisted bufala$12.5 / $16 (V, VGO)

Organic tomatoes, organic mozzarella, basil, fresh, bufallo cream, a touch of shaved G.P parmesan & E.V.O oil

amalfi$13.5 / $17
 (V, VGO)

Organic spelt focaccia, fresh heirloom tomatoes, fresh buffalo cream, basil, oregano, balsamic glaze, & E.V.O oil

ham and mushroom$15.5 / $19

Garlic, organic mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, fresh basil, rocket, oregano, E.V.O oil, house-made truffle mayo & snowy pecorino

brisa$17.5 / $21

Organic spelt facaccia, wagyu bresaola with lemon & E.V.O oil, fresh rocket, shaved G.P parmesan topped with lemon pesto

parmigiana (V, VGO)$14.5 / $18

Roasted eggplant, organic mozzarella, semi dried tomato, shaved G.P parmesan, fresh basil, & E.V.O oil

Sweet & spicy moment$16.5 / $20

Roasted capsicum, nduja, chilli infused honey, fresh buffalo cream, fried leeks, fresh basil & snowy red leicester

What is a Portafoglio

First and foremost, it's essential to understand that the term 'portafoglio' translates to 'wallet' in Italian. It earned its name due to its distinctive size and appearance, reminiscent of a folded wallet. 

Coming straight out of Naples, the Pizzette Portafoglio is a treat folded in four.

This Neapolitan gem offers the ideal solution for a delicious & wholesome lunch, perfect to eat while cruising the city.


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