Make a conscious work choice


In the same way we do not have customers, but guests, we do not have employees, but team members. This, along with our core brand philosophy ‘Make A Conscious Choice’, drives everything we do here at Farro. We want to make sure our teams find happiness and fulfilment in their day, every day. We strive to create an environment which nurtures each person’s unique personality, talents and strengths. And we work hard every day at bringing into the world a more conscious way of eating, living and working, to not only our guests, but also to our teams a.k.a – our familyWe know that the true heartbeat of every great conscious business, is an incredible team of genuine, caring and fun down to earth human beings who are there for one another! So, at the end of the day, that is what we are all about, and we are proud of it.


  • We love diversity and welcome all people from all walks of life to join the Farro family.
  • Our people are legends! We laugh, we love what we do, we are passionate, we love to have a good time, and we love striving to be conscious humans every single day.
  • We train our team members and help them blossom and grow (experience isn’t essential if you have the right attitude)
  • We feed our team with delicious, nutritious, organic pizza or pasta every shift (and a knock off drink too 😉 ! )
  • We offer flexible rosters and working arrangements – living a balanced life is a conscious life.
  • We believe in self-development
  • and strive to keep you feeling challenged and rewarded in your role and offer many opportunities to grow within the family and business.
  • We pay above award rates as well as over time because we value you and your time.
  • Most importantly….we have fun! And we are always looking for new and refreshing ways to make life with Farro even more groovy!