Gluten Free Restaurant Melbourne

Re-discover modern, authentic Italian food with Farro’s range of organic, gluten-free options.
All the flavours you’ve come to love, including our signature pizzas, with none of the gluten.

100% Gluten Free

While our signature spelt dough is not gluten-free, we’ve managed to recreate the incredible flavours with gluten-free ingredients. Almost everything on our menu is available gluten-free, or can be made gluten-free on request, including our famous pizzas and pasta. We use a multi award-wining artisanal gluten-free pizza dough supplied fresh by our supplier for all our gluten free pizza and pasta.
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Our June' Special

It’s already time to welcome our new special of the month!
"Patate E Pistacchio".

No doubt you will love this one too!!
A very origianal organic spelt pizza made with mozzarella , nduja, roasted potatoes & house-made pistachio paste!

Give it a try… you won’t regret it!


Patate E Pistacchio

Available in June


126 Chapel St
Tuesday – Sunday


608 High St
Wednesday – Monday


301 Brunswick St
Tuesday – Sunday

Proper Gluten Free Preparation

To avoid cross-contamination in our kitchens, we have made the conscious choice to use the best gluten-free supplier in Melbourne! Many of our base gluten-free ingredients are delivered fresh daily from a separate location to ensure the chance of cross-contamination is as close to zero as possible. We believe everyone deserves to experience Farro at its best, and work hard to make sure that happens.

Important: Please be aware that while we take extreme care when preparing and cooking our gluten free foods, as we are primarily a pizza restaurant, we are unable to guarantee that cross-contamination will be avoided 100%.

The Farro Story

Our aim from the start was to help people live a more health-conscious life, starting with the food they eat. We looked back towards ancient civilisations and their eating habits; the organic food and natural methods of processing them. Now, we bake those philosophies into each and every dish we cook, whether they’ve got gluten in them or not! Natural and organic ingredients, GMO-free, and modified for the modern lifestyle. Come in and see the difference for yourself!
gluten free restaurant melbourne